Thursday, 30 June 2011

UKiss Me

10th June 2011

A popular group from South Korea, UKiss came to Malaysia for their showcase and promoting their new mini album "Bran New Kiss". This group consist of 7 members, Soohyun, the leader, Eli, Kevin, Kiseop, Dongho and their new members AJ and Hoon. The showcase held at main entrance, Pavilion attracting thousand of KPop fans to see them live since this is free event sponsored by Radioactive. However, before Radioactive take over this show, fan should pay for the showcase. So, for the fan who already bought the ticket, special zone prepared to them.

I won the ticket from HotFM, so, I entitled for special zone. Thanks to HotFM for the free ticket. I don't need to stand for about one and half hour to watch the show

Our handsome and cute boys, UKiss
Game session with fan. Lucky fan chosen by each member of Ukiss. How I wish I'm the one of the lucky fan. Huhuhu. They really having a good time with UKiss member. Some of them really excited and ask UKiss member to sing a song to them. I'm so jealous.
Donation for Orphanage House under UKiss name . Cheque RM 30,000.00 given to the representative.
From left, Soohyun, Hoon (did he like Micky Yoochun^^), magnae Dongho, AJ, Eli, Kiseop and lasty my baby Kevin
Dongho-ahh, make your birthday wish before you blow the candle. Hope it will come true. He wish to have a concert in Malaysia^^. So sweet.
Birthday card from KissMe. I don't know about this, but many of KissMe wrote their birthday wishes and signed on it special for our birthday boy
Some of the great dance movement from UKiss. This is Binguel Binguel performance. What a great performance. I even don't know this song since I'm not KissMe. But this song really catchy and I love the dance movement
They giving away the album to KissMe and also shake hand with fan. I also get this chance to met them in person and shake hand with them. For me, the most cute and handsome is Kevin. Aigooo, I'm not really his bias, but now, maybe he will be my bias.
My large poster. But this poster smaller than what I get for Super Show 2
My autograph CD. I will treasure this CD. Love it. Thanks to Eli who give me this CD. To be able to see them face to face, this is my best experience. Good luck guys. Hope you will be able to come here again for the concert of course^^

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