Thursday, 29 September 2011


사랑 했잖아 우리 함께한 많은날 동안
Saranghae tjanha uri hamkkehan manhuennal dongan
함께 아파핺잖아 서로의 일인 즐도 모르고
Hamkke apahaenhjanha  seoroeui irin juldo moreugo
넌 어디 있는 거니 나의 목소리 둘리지 않니
Neon eodi inneun geoni naui moksori deuliji anhni
아픈 내 심장이 너를 차는다 너를 부른다 미치도록
Apeun nae simjangi neorul chatneunda neorul bureunda michidorok
가슴이 눈물이 또 너의 기언이
Gaseumi nunmuri doneoui gieogi
한 방을 한 방을 또 내 가슴에 흘러 내린다
Hanbangeun hanbangeun tto nae gaseume heulleo naerinda
울어도 울어도 지위지지 않는 기억을 따라
Ureodo ureodo  jiwojiji anhneun gieogeul ttara
오늘두 빈 내 가슴을 또 적신다
Oneuldo bin nae gaseunmul tto jeoksinda
좋아 했잖아 작은 내 미소에읏어젔잖아
Joha haettjanha jageun nae misoe useojwotjanah
함깨 올었었잖아 나의 눈물에 아파했잖아
Hamkke ureosseotjanah naui nunmure apahaetjanah
지금 어디있는 가니 지친 내 모즙이 보이질 않이
Jigeum eodi inneun geoni jichin nae moseubi boijil anhi
아픈 내 심장이 너를 차는다 너를 부른다 미치도록
Apeun nae simjangi neorul chatneunda neorul bureunda michidorok
가슴이 눈물이 또 너의 기언이
 Gaseumi nunmuri doneoui gieogi
한 방을 한 방을 또 내 가슴에 흘러 내린다
Hanbangeun hanbangeun donaegaseume heulleo naerinda 
울어도 울어도 지위지지 않는 기억을 따라
Ureodo ureodo  jiwojiji anhneun gieogeul ttara
오늘두 빈 내 가슴을 또 적신다 
Oneuldo bin nae gaseunmul tto jeoksinda
내게로 둘아와줄래 매일 네 이름부르며
Naegero dorawajulae maeil ne ireum bureomyeo
지친 기다림 속에 너를 찾아 헤매는 나잖아
Jichin gidarim soge neorul chaja hemaeneun najanha
사랑이 눈물이 너외의 추억이
Sarangi nunmuri neowaui chueogi
한 방을 한 방을 또 내 가슴에 흘러 내린다
Hanbangul hanbangul tto nae gaseume heullo naerinda
울어도 울어도 지위지지 않는 기억을 따라
Ureodo ureodo jiwojiji anheun gieogeul ttara
오늘두 빈 내 가슴을 또 적신다
Oneuldo bin nae gaseumeul tto jeoksinda

Most favourite song in 5jib. It's really hard to use hangul keyboard. But I try really hard for using it. Fighting!!! Improve my hangul skill ㅎㅎㅎ

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

2011 Korean Music Wave Malaysia

Lets talk about last Saturday's concert. Korean Music Wave held at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. Line up artist includes Teen Top, FT Island, Seungi, Top & GD, 4 Minutes, Park Jungmin and also UKiss. Kevin and Dongho became MC that night together with 1 MC from Malaysia and from Arirang TV.
Me and Cik Ain arrived early that day. But unfortunately, our lovely Cik Ain forgot their tickets. What on earth she forgot the tickets. So funny. So, she missed the rehearsal part. This part, really excited. We managed to see FT Island and Park Jungmin doing their rehearsal.*wink*. 
The real concert started at 730PM after Kak Long and Cik Ain performed their Maghrib prayer. The 1st performance for me was the best performance ever. FT Island. All of us scream like a crazy fangirl. What make the performance best ever because of the fans and FT Island itself. I really fall in love with Lee Hongki voice. The best ever. Plus, Primadona doing really good job sang along with FT Island. Check out the video below.
FT Island

The next line up was Teen Top. Actually, I don't even know this group, but their performance, I can say, very energetic. I really like their choreography. Looks very smooth and beautiful. Check out the performance below and judge it by yourself.

 Teen Top

Besides Teen Top and FTIsland, there is another artist performing that night. But for me, the artist that I really want to see is UKiss. Check out their performance below and other artist.

4 Minutes

 GD & Top

The highlight that night was performance by GD & Top. Many Big Bang fans, VIP so high and they sing and dance along with their favourite artist. Most of the fans stand up and enjoy their performance. Me too because fans in front of me stand up and i can't see them. That why I need to stand up too. Overall performance, we really enjoy the concert and hope they will come back to Malaysia again. I also hope there is Korean Music Wave 2012 next year.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Exploring Bukchon Hanok Village

Day 6 at Seoul Korea. Kak long and I watched 2 days 1 night, my favourite variety show in our room. We watched the episode showed Jongmin went to Bukchon Hanok Village and his task to take pictures at 8 photo spots there. Finally, we decided to go to the village tomorrow morning because Jongmin made me feel that we should go there. How to go to Bukchon Hanok Village. Simple. Just take MRT to Anguk Station. Check out few pictures at Bukchon Hanok Village. For me, its really worth to go there and see beautiful hanok.

If you want to buy Hallyu star sourvenir, check out this shop. You can buy many things like mug, poster, sticker, etc.

If you watch Winter Sonata, this school is the school where Kang Jung Sang and Yoo Jin studied in the drama.

Kang Hodong. He's my favourite in 2 days 1 night. Very cute and funny.

Shhhhh. Please keep quite. This is residence area. Please respect them.

Yes. This is photo spot. Try to find 8 of them. We managed to find 7 out of 8 since Kak long complaining about her sore leg. Sorry Kak long, lots exercise today^^
As a reward for today's hardwork, this handsome oppa served coffee to kak long. Happy face eh^^

Hot chocolate for me^^

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Love Request-Super Jr K.R.Y(Memories)

Request from kak long. Really love this song. K.R.Y. No doubt. The best ballad singer ever. Credit to the uploader. Thanks for uploading this video. Both kak long and I really enjoy this song^^

Saturday, 17 September 2011

ShiNee World Concert Live in Singapore

Last week, kak long and I went to Singapore just for the concert. What I can say, it really worth it. The most memorable concert in my live. I bought rock pitt tickets for both of us. We never bought rock pitt ticket since both of us think that numbered seat is the best choice where we can watch the concert more comfortable. From what happen to us last weekend, we totally wrong. I'm not said that numbered seat not a good choice, but, if you buy rock pitt ticket for the concert, you will experience the difference. More excited, you can go around the rock pitt space, dance together, watch your favourite singer more close. This is what happen to us. Both of us really happy and we definitely will buy the rock pitt ticket again.

Ok, back to the concert itself. Both of us not trully Shawol. But, since we really want to see Shinee first time ever in our live, so, we decided to go to the concert. For me, Shinee is one of the best KPop artist same with Super Junior, Beast and others. The concert, I don't know how to say, but both of us really enjoy it. We only know a few songs, but, all of the songs that night, really nice song. I started to fall in love with them. I love how they perform, they dance really well. The feeling just the same as I watch Super Show. They really a great singer and no doubt, I will attend their concert again. Hope they can perform in Malaysia next time. Shinee, Malaysia will waiting and welcome you. Please come to Malaysia.

Here some photos I take during the concert. It's really difficult to snap the picture since the security there very very strict.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My 5Jib

Just receive my 5jib today. Awesome weiii. I love it. Yesung as the cover picture. My crush^^

Me with my abang kura2. Happy^^. Lompat lompat lompat

Yesung's picture as cover

Double cover. Sexy Siwon^^

Yes!! The Cd plus my favourite picture. No wonder I like him so much. Too handsome for me to resist

Sungmin Oppa

Sungmin Oppa

Heecul Oppa. Beautiful as usual. Miss u Oppa. Will wait for you.

Heecul Oppa. Miss you. Stay healthy. We wait for you.

Eunhyuk Oppa. For me, his picture most unique.

Hyuk Oppa

Prince charming, Kyuhyun-ssi

GameKyu, I think his picture most handsome compare to other (but Yesung still no.1 in my heart.kekeke)

Shindong dong dong Oppa

Huarghhh, don't shoot me oppa.jebal!!!

Donghae Oppa

Donghae Oppa

Uri leader, leetuk eetuk teukie teuk teuk Oppa. Weird look eh.

Teuk oppa, teukie appa^^

Handsome Siwon

Siwon Oppa

Wookie Oppa

Wookie Oppa

 I'm really happy today to get my 5jib. Hope you will buy it too. Really worth you money. Just spent KRW14,700 to support our favourite artist. SUJU FIGHTING!!!!! YESUNG OPPA FIGHTING!!!