Thursday, 8 September 2011

My 5Jib

Just receive my 5jib today. Awesome weiii. I love it. Yesung as the cover picture. My crush^^

Me with my abang kura2. Happy^^. Lompat lompat lompat

Yesung's picture as cover

Double cover. Sexy Siwon^^

Yes!! The Cd plus my favourite picture. No wonder I like him so much. Too handsome for me to resist

Sungmin Oppa

Sungmin Oppa

Heecul Oppa. Beautiful as usual. Miss u Oppa. Will wait for you.

Heecul Oppa. Miss you. Stay healthy. We wait for you.

Eunhyuk Oppa. For me, his picture most unique.

Hyuk Oppa

Prince charming, Kyuhyun-ssi

GameKyu, I think his picture most handsome compare to other (but Yesung still no.1 in my heart.kekeke)

Shindong dong dong Oppa

Huarghhh, don't shoot me oppa.jebal!!!

Donghae Oppa

Donghae Oppa

Uri leader, leetuk eetuk teukie teuk teuk Oppa. Weird look eh.

Teuk oppa, teukie appa^^

Handsome Siwon

Siwon Oppa

Wookie Oppa

Wookie Oppa

 I'm really happy today to get my 5jib. Hope you will buy it too. Really worth you money. Just spent KRW14,700 to support our favourite artist. SUJU FIGHTING!!!!! YESUNG OPPA FIGHTING!!!

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