Wednesday, 28 September 2011

2011 Korean Music Wave Malaysia

Lets talk about last Saturday's concert. Korean Music Wave held at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. Line up artist includes Teen Top, FT Island, Seungi, Top & GD, 4 Minutes, Park Jungmin and also UKiss. Kevin and Dongho became MC that night together with 1 MC from Malaysia and from Arirang TV.
Me and Cik Ain arrived early that day. But unfortunately, our lovely Cik Ain forgot their tickets. What on earth she forgot the tickets. So funny. So, she missed the rehearsal part. This part, really excited. We managed to see FT Island and Park Jungmin doing their rehearsal.*wink*. 
The real concert started at 730PM after Kak Long and Cik Ain performed their Maghrib prayer. The 1st performance for me was the best performance ever. FT Island. All of us scream like a crazy fangirl. What make the performance best ever because of the fans and FT Island itself. I really fall in love with Lee Hongki voice. The best ever. Plus, Primadona doing really good job sang along with FT Island. Check out the video below.
FT Island

The next line up was Teen Top. Actually, I don't even know this group, but their performance, I can say, very energetic. I really like their choreography. Looks very smooth and beautiful. Check out the performance below and judge it by yourself.

 Teen Top

Besides Teen Top and FTIsland, there is another artist performing that night. But for me, the artist that I really want to see is UKiss. Check out their performance below and other artist.

4 Minutes

 GD & Top

The highlight that night was performance by GD & Top. Many Big Bang fans, VIP so high and they sing and dance along with their favourite artist. Most of the fans stand up and enjoy their performance. Me too because fans in front of me stand up and i can't see them. That why I need to stand up too. Overall performance, we really enjoy the concert and hope they will come back to Malaysia again. I also hope there is Korean Music Wave 2012 next year.

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