Saturday, 17 September 2011

ShiNee World Concert Live in Singapore

Last week, kak long and I went to Singapore just for the concert. What I can say, it really worth it. The most memorable concert in my live. I bought rock pitt tickets for both of us. We never bought rock pitt ticket since both of us think that numbered seat is the best choice where we can watch the concert more comfortable. From what happen to us last weekend, we totally wrong. I'm not said that numbered seat not a good choice, but, if you buy rock pitt ticket for the concert, you will experience the difference. More excited, you can go around the rock pitt space, dance together, watch your favourite singer more close. This is what happen to us. Both of us really happy and we definitely will buy the rock pitt ticket again.

Ok, back to the concert itself. Both of us not trully Shawol. But, since we really want to see Shinee first time ever in our live, so, we decided to go to the concert. For me, Shinee is one of the best KPop artist same with Super Junior, Beast and others. The concert, I don't know how to say, but both of us really enjoy it. We only know a few songs, but, all of the songs that night, really nice song. I started to fall in love with them. I love how they perform, they dance really well. The feeling just the same as I watch Super Show. They really a great singer and no doubt, I will attend their concert again. Hope they can perform in Malaysia next time. Shinee, Malaysia will waiting and welcome you. Please come to Malaysia.

Here some photos I take during the concert. It's really difficult to snap the picture since the security there very very strict.

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