Thursday, 30 June 2011

UKiss Me

10th June 2011

A popular group from South Korea, UKiss came to Malaysia for their showcase and promoting their new mini album "Bran New Kiss". This group consist of 7 members, Soohyun, the leader, Eli, Kevin, Kiseop, Dongho and their new members AJ and Hoon. The showcase held at main entrance, Pavilion attracting thousand of KPop fans to see them live since this is free event sponsored by Radioactive. However, before Radioactive take over this show, fan should pay for the showcase. So, for the fan who already bought the ticket, special zone prepared to them.

I won the ticket from HotFM, so, I entitled for special zone. Thanks to HotFM for the free ticket. I don't need to stand for about one and half hour to watch the show

Our handsome and cute boys, UKiss
Game session with fan. Lucky fan chosen by each member of Ukiss. How I wish I'm the one of the lucky fan. Huhuhu. They really having a good time with UKiss member. Some of them really excited and ask UKiss member to sing a song to them. I'm so jealous.
Donation for Orphanage House under UKiss name . Cheque RM 30,000.00 given to the representative.
From left, Soohyun, Hoon (did he like Micky Yoochun^^), magnae Dongho, AJ, Eli, Kiseop and lasty my baby Kevin
Dongho-ahh, make your birthday wish before you blow the candle. Hope it will come true. He wish to have a concert in Malaysia^^. So sweet.
Birthday card from KissMe. I don't know about this, but many of KissMe wrote their birthday wishes and signed on it special for our birthday boy
Some of the great dance movement from UKiss. This is Binguel Binguel performance. What a great performance. I even don't know this song since I'm not KissMe. But this song really catchy and I love the dance movement
They giving away the album to KissMe and also shake hand with fan. I also get this chance to met them in person and shake hand with them. For me, the most cute and handsome is Kevin. Aigooo, I'm not really his bias, but now, maybe he will be my bias.
My large poster. But this poster smaller than what I get for Super Show 2
My autograph CD. I will treasure this CD. Love it. Thanks to Eli who give me this CD. To be able to see them face to face, this is my best experience. Good luck guys. Hope you will be able to come here again for the concert of course^^

Monday, 6 June 2011

Sukira Kiss The Radio Live Recording Experience

04 May 2011

We think our trip will not complete if we not go to Sukira Kiss The Radio station. Because we are ELF, and we are in Korea. So, this place is must go place for us. Escpecially with Yesung is the DJ (replacing Hyuk because he busy with SJM activities) and I'm the biggest fan of Yesung. We try to go there 2 times. For the first time, we really not sure where the building located. And I'm not really confident with the direction I get. But for the 2nd time, we managed to find the building.

Here the direction to go to the Sukira Kiss The Radio Station (located at KBS building)
1.  You must take subway line 9 to Yueido station
2. From there, you need to go out at exit no.2.
3. You need to walk straight until you see 3 junction road. You need to across the road and you will see Yeuido Park sign.

Before you cross the road, you will see this sign showing Korean Broadcasting System

You will see this sign. You need to across this road

4. You need to walk across the park. You will see a row of building in front of you. Turn right until you see  KBS building. The recording studio's window is towards the left of the first floor of the building.

Here we are. 89.1 Cool FM. Can't wait to see Eetuk oppa and Yesung oppa
When we arrive there, a few fans already there to catch a glimpse of Dj Eetuk and Yesung. And you will see this.

Rebecca, ELF from England told me that fan paste this paper to booked this place. The paper above told us that there is 2 fan will stand at this place

Around 9.50pm, both Dj Eetuk and Yesung arrived at the studio. Today, they will do some sort of drama with 2 other guest. I completely not understand what they talk about. The show with the guest ended at 11pm and they took picture with the guest. Then they will take a break around 15 minutes before continuing the show until 12am. Unfortunately, we can't wait till the show ended because we need to catch train back to our hotel. But its really the best experience ever because I can see both Super Junior members especially Yesung. I also met one England ELF, Rebecca. She really nice and we talked a lot that night while waiting for the show begin. But, sadly I forgot to take her e-mail address and facebook account T T.A

The guest leave the studio
Eetuk oppa with his cute face
Having a cup of coffee. Oppa, give me some. I'm freezing cold outside
Dj Eetuk and Yesung will take a break for about 15 minutes

After taking a break. Time to continue recording

My fancam. Hehehe. Sorry, just a little coz I'm very busy taking picture, not video^^

Spend Less For Your Korea Trip

In this post, I want to share how we spend our money during our trip to Korea. Honestly speaking, if you really make a budget, and strictly follow the budget, you can save a lots of your money to have a very memorable trip to Korea.

First thing you need to do is, go and search in the internet where you want to go and how much the cost. In my case, Korea Tourism Organization website really help me to draft my travel itinerary and also my budget. The first thing you need to do is find the best price for your flight ticket. For us, we choose to fly with AirAsia. The best price we get that time is RM 1,016.00 for return tickets including 30Kg check in luggage. Tips: Booked your ticket at least 6 months early to get the lowest fair. In our case, we booked the ticket 4 months early before the travel date.

3 excited girls to fly to Korea with AirAsiaX
The next thing is to choose where you want to stay. For us, since we are in a very tight budget, guest house just suit us. I've try to find the best guest house one month before our travel date. Backpackers Inside just suit us. Plus, we have all the facilities like bathroom, television, computer complete with free internet, washing machine, fridge and the most important thing, kitchen so that we can cook our own food. How much we spend for our accomodation for 7 nights? Its only KRW 166,250.00 per person (equal to RM 483.00).

Suitable for budget traveller like us
If you visit Korea and want to go to sightseeing by yourself using public transport, I recommend you to buy T-Money which is widely use in this country. By using this card, you will get discount when you transfer subway to bus and also you get discount for the fare. For example, if you use subway, the normal price is 1,000 KRW for first 10km, but using this card, the fare is only 900 KRW. We purchased the T-Money when we arrived at Incheon airport. The price is 3,000 KRW. For 8 days 7 nights, we spend 35,000 KRW.

For sightseeing, our budget is around 150,000 KRW incuding admission tickets. By this money, we managed to go to many place like Nami Island and Everland. For food, actually we are not confident to eat at the restaurant around Seoul. So, we packed instant noodle, rice, sardine etc so we can cook by ourselves. In Seoul, we only get Halal food around Itaewon area and we also buy fruits and vegetable at the market. So, we only spend around 50,000 KRW for food. Mostly we buy hot chocolate, vitamin water, vegetable and also fruits.

Shopping is a must when you are at Seoul especially at Myeondong area. But for me, I'm not a shopaholic. I only buy some sourvenir for my friends and family and SPAO t-shirt for myself. I spend around 100,000 KRW only. The best shopping time for me was when I spend around 30,000 KRW at The Faceshop beside Hyehwa station for my skincare.

So, total spend when we are at Korea:
Accomodation: KRW 166,250
T-Money: KRW 38,000
Sightseeing: KRW 150,000
Food: KRW 50,000
Shopping: KRW 100,000
Total: KRW 504,250 (Around RM 1,442.16)

Affordable Guest House in Korea

When I made a plan to Korea, the most hard part is to search where we should stay. Finally, I get the information about Backpackers Inside. This place just suit us. We decide to stay at this guest house and choose Deluxe 4-bed since we are in a group of 4. This room have 4 bed, private bathroom, private kitchen, computer complete with free internet access, television, air-conditioner and washing machine. This place not the cheapest guest house, but for us, the price was very affordable with all the facilities we get. We pay KRW 665,000.00 for 8 days 7 nights.

Receptionist desk. The receptionist here very nice and help us with the money since I was very confuse to count the money to pay the room charges. Thanks Jiyeon Onnie because you help us^^
Common living room and kitchen at the main building

Bathroom. Since we stayed at private room, we have our own bathroom. If you choose to stay at hostel in the main building, you need to share the bathroom.
Kitchen. For me, this is the important facilities for us because it really hard to find halal food in Seoul. So, we can cook by ourselves and of course, we can save money for food.
Double-decker bed for us. But I prefer to sleep on the floor because the floor have floor heating system. Its really nice to sleep on the floor at the cold night.

Below the price of the room and their discount policies. We stayed at this guest house for 8 days 7 nights, so we get 5% discount. 

Discount policy
-.1~2week   : 5%  Discount
-.2~4week   : 10% Discount
-.over4week : 15% Discount 

*Season price(Jul~Aug)(Dec~Jan)
-.Basic single : 30,000 => 35,000
-.Basic twin   : 44,000 => 54,000
-.Basic triple : 60,000 => 75,000
-.Basic 4-bed : 80,000 => 100,000
-.6-bed Dorm   : 20,000
-.Deluxe single: 42,000 => 50,000
-.Deluxe Double room  : 60,000 => 70,000
-.Deluxe twin  : 60,000 => 70,000
-.Deluxe 3-bed : 75,000 => 90,000
-.Deluxe 4-bed : 100,000=>120,000
-.Deluxe 6-bed : 150,000=>180,000
-.Deluxe 8-bed : 160,000=>200,000 

Booking step 
1. please visit their website and send them your more information (name,nationaly.......)
2. they will check room with your inquiry date
3. please re-visit and pay them deposit (Visa,Master, Amex card is possible)
 (select your room type and click "Add to cart" burtton, then paypal page show up. Adjust your amount with your stay and pay them your deposit by your paypal or card )
4. When they got your deposit, they send you reconfirm mail with direction map and reserve your room.

(info from Backpackers Inside. Visit their website to find out more at

There are 3 ways to get to this guest house, by Airport bus, subway or group pick-up arrange by this guest house. (info from Backpackers Inside. Visit their website to find out more at

By Airport Bus
  1. If you choose to take air port bus, find an Information desk and ask for directions to bus number 6011. It should be departing the airport from stop 5B or 12A.
  2. Before the bus arrives, an attendant will ask you where you are going, put a sticker on your luggage, and hand you a claim ticket.
  3. When the bus arrives, tell the driver you are going to SungKyunKwan. The bus costs 10,000 won, which you can pay with cash or a T-Money card.
  4. The bus only stops if someone pushes that button, so listen carefully for 'SungKyunKwan', and press the button when you hear it. 
  5. As you get off the bus, hand your claim ticket to the driver and collect your bags.Cross the five lane street, toward the Dunkin' Donuts.
  6. Walk down the two-lane street, with the Dunkin' Donuts on your left and the T-World on your right, for about 2 minutes (500 feet/150 meters).
  7. On your right, you will see a bakery named 'BBang Goom Teo' (that's not a typo). Turn right just before this bakery.Walk less than a minute (100 feet/30 meters), and you will see our building on your left. 
  8. Look for yellow 'Inside' sign over the door.Come up to the second floor and ring the doorbell. You have        arrived! (If you are checking into an ensuite room, you can leave your luggage downstairs.)

By subway
  1. Take Line 4 (the light-blue line) to Hyehwa station, six stops Northeast of Seoul Station.  
  2. At Hyehwa station, take exit 4.At the top of the steps of exit 4, you will be on a one-lane road with many shops. A Baskin-Robbins should be on your right and The Face Shop on your left.Walk straight ahead for about 3 minutes (600 feet/180 meters).   
  3. You will pass a Mister Donut and a movie theatre on your right with a giant statue of Gandalf (an old man with white hair and white robes).  
  4. At the end of the street will be a large intersection with a Watson’s on your right. Turn right and cross the five lane street, toward the Dunkin’ Donuts. 
  5. Walk down the two-lane street, with the Dunkin’ Donuts on your left and the T-World on your right, for about 2 minutes (500 feet/150 meters).  
  6. On your right, you will see a bakery named ‘BBang Goom Teo’ (that’s not a typo). Turn right just before this bakery.   
  7. Walk less than a minute (100 feet/30 meters), and you will see our building on your left. Look for our yellow ‘Inside’ sign over the door. 
  8. Come up to the second floor and ring the doorbell. You have arrived! (If you are checking into an ensuite room, you can leave your luggage downstairs.)    
Group pick up from Incheon Airport

We choose this way cause we have too many luggage and this service more easier for us since we arrive late night. All you have to do is to e-mail them your flight information, arrival time and also all of your name to them. They will arrange van taxi for you and the price you need to pay is KRW 70,000.00.  

Map of Backpackers Inside

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Falling In Love With 2AM

21st May 2011,

2AM in Malaysia!!!Hooreyyyy. Actually, I'm not really know about this group. But I got free ticket from Epop Malay for their showcase. Free ticket, and I'm Kpop fan, so, whether I'm a fan or not, mesti pegi maa.hehehe. They sang total 6 songs including "I can't lets you go even if I die", "Confession of friend", "You wouldn't answer my call", "I did wrong", "Like crazy" and "This song".

In 1 hour showcase, they really did a very good job. I love their voice most even though usually all Kpop song involve very energetic dance. But all 2AM's song are the ballad song and they just stand in one place and sing it very nicely. I really enjoy their performance^^.

My free ticket^^Thanks Epop Malay

The stage

Opening act from Bentley Music. They play 2AM medley songs. Very nice especially the saxophone.

Finally, 2AM in the house^^. They sang Can't Let You Go Away Even If I Die. 

Singing to fan.They very lucky to be on stage with 2AM. A little bit jealous here. kekekeke^^

 Jinwoon, Jokwon, Changmin and Seulong. They look good in white.

 Seulong, I just fell in love with you. He look very handsome^^

Changmin, what are you talking about?? See him a lot in Star Golden Bell Challenge. At first I don't know he is one of the member of 2AM

 More picture of 2AM

After this showcase, I actually addicted to 2AM's songs especially "You Wouldn't Answer My Call" and also "I Did Wrong". Hopefully, they will come back again and perform in their own concert in Malaysia^^.