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Sukira Kiss The Radio Live Recording Experience

04 May 2011

We think our trip will not complete if we not go to Sukira Kiss The Radio station. Because we are ELF, and we are in Korea. So, this place is must go place for us. Escpecially with Yesung is the DJ (replacing Hyuk because he busy with SJM activities) and I'm the biggest fan of Yesung. We try to go there 2 times. For the first time, we really not sure where the building located. And I'm not really confident with the direction I get. But for the 2nd time, we managed to find the building.

Here the direction to go to the Sukira Kiss The Radio Station (located at KBS building)
1.  You must take subway line 9 to Yueido station
2. From there, you need to go out at exit no.2.
3. You need to walk straight until you see 3 junction road. You need to across the road and you will see Yeuido Park sign.

Before you cross the road, you will see this sign showing Korean Broadcasting System

You will see this sign. You need to across this road

4. You need to walk across the park. You will see a row of building in front of you. Turn right until you see  KBS building. The recording studio's window is towards the left of the first floor of the building.

Here we are. 89.1 Cool FM. Can't wait to see Eetuk oppa and Yesung oppa
When we arrive there, a few fans already there to catch a glimpse of Dj Eetuk and Yesung. And you will see this.

Rebecca, ELF from England told me that fan paste this paper to booked this place. The paper above told us that there is 2 fan will stand at this place

Around 9.50pm, both Dj Eetuk and Yesung arrived at the studio. Today, they will do some sort of drama with 2 other guest. I completely not understand what they talk about. The show with the guest ended at 11pm and they took picture with the guest. Then they will take a break around 15 minutes before continuing the show until 12am. Unfortunately, we can't wait till the show ended because we need to catch train back to our hotel. But its really the best experience ever because I can see both Super Junior members especially Yesung. I also met one England ELF, Rebecca. She really nice and we talked a lot that night while waiting for the show begin. But, sadly I forgot to take her e-mail address and facebook account T T.A

The guest leave the studio
Eetuk oppa with his cute face
Having a cup of coffee. Oppa, give me some. I'm freezing cold outside
Dj Eetuk and Yesung will take a break for about 15 minutes

After taking a break. Time to continue recording

My fancam. Hehehe. Sorry, just a little coz I'm very busy taking picture, not video^^

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