Thursday, 2 June 2011

Falling In Love With 2AM

21st May 2011,

2AM in Malaysia!!!Hooreyyyy. Actually, I'm not really know about this group. But I got free ticket from Epop Malay for their showcase. Free ticket, and I'm Kpop fan, so, whether I'm a fan or not, mesti pegi maa.hehehe. They sang total 6 songs including "I can't lets you go even if I die", "Confession of friend", "You wouldn't answer my call", "I did wrong", "Like crazy" and "This song".

In 1 hour showcase, they really did a very good job. I love their voice most even though usually all Kpop song involve very energetic dance. But all 2AM's song are the ballad song and they just stand in one place and sing it very nicely. I really enjoy their performance^^.

My free ticket^^Thanks Epop Malay

The stage

Opening act from Bentley Music. They play 2AM medley songs. Very nice especially the saxophone.

Finally, 2AM in the house^^. They sang Can't Let You Go Away Even If I Die. 

Singing to fan.They very lucky to be on stage with 2AM. A little bit jealous here. kekekeke^^

 Jinwoon, Jokwon, Changmin and Seulong. They look good in white.

 Seulong, I just fell in love with you. He look very handsome^^

Changmin, what are you talking about?? See him a lot in Star Golden Bell Challenge. At first I don't know he is one of the member of 2AM

 More picture of 2AM

After this showcase, I actually addicted to 2AM's songs especially "You Wouldn't Answer My Call" and also "I Did Wrong". Hopefully, they will come back again and perform in their own concert in Malaysia^^.

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  1. hamboi... hamboiii...
    cek mek ni bab berkonsert serah kat dia... mana2 jek la dia terjah... wah.... sapa yg paling cute nih... dapat otograp tak.. hahahaaa.... walaupon gambo nampak kecik tp nampak skema jek... pakai kod lagi tew.... hihihihiiii.... tp mana gambar bloger nyer... xdok ponn.... kekekekeeee