Monday, 6 June 2011

Spend Less For Your Korea Trip

In this post, I want to share how we spend our money during our trip to Korea. Honestly speaking, if you really make a budget, and strictly follow the budget, you can save a lots of your money to have a very memorable trip to Korea.

First thing you need to do is, go and search in the internet where you want to go and how much the cost. In my case, Korea Tourism Organization website really help me to draft my travel itinerary and also my budget. The first thing you need to do is find the best price for your flight ticket. For us, we choose to fly with AirAsia. The best price we get that time is RM 1,016.00 for return tickets including 30Kg check in luggage. Tips: Booked your ticket at least 6 months early to get the lowest fair. In our case, we booked the ticket 4 months early before the travel date.

3 excited girls to fly to Korea with AirAsiaX
The next thing is to choose where you want to stay. For us, since we are in a very tight budget, guest house just suit us. I've try to find the best guest house one month before our travel date. Backpackers Inside just suit us. Plus, we have all the facilities like bathroom, television, computer complete with free internet, washing machine, fridge and the most important thing, kitchen so that we can cook our own food. How much we spend for our accomodation for 7 nights? Its only KRW 166,250.00 per person (equal to RM 483.00).

Suitable for budget traveller like us
If you visit Korea and want to go to sightseeing by yourself using public transport, I recommend you to buy T-Money which is widely use in this country. By using this card, you will get discount when you transfer subway to bus and also you get discount for the fare. For example, if you use subway, the normal price is 1,000 KRW for first 10km, but using this card, the fare is only 900 KRW. We purchased the T-Money when we arrived at Incheon airport. The price is 3,000 KRW. For 8 days 7 nights, we spend 35,000 KRW.

For sightseeing, our budget is around 150,000 KRW incuding admission tickets. By this money, we managed to go to many place like Nami Island and Everland. For food, actually we are not confident to eat at the restaurant around Seoul. So, we packed instant noodle, rice, sardine etc so we can cook by ourselves. In Seoul, we only get Halal food around Itaewon area and we also buy fruits and vegetable at the market. So, we only spend around 50,000 KRW for food. Mostly we buy hot chocolate, vitamin water, vegetable and also fruits.

Shopping is a must when you are at Seoul especially at Myeondong area. But for me, I'm not a shopaholic. I only buy some sourvenir for my friends and family and SPAO t-shirt for myself. I spend around 100,000 KRW only. The best shopping time for me was when I spend around 30,000 KRW at The Faceshop beside Hyehwa station for my skincare.

So, total spend when we are at Korea:
Accomodation: KRW 166,250
T-Money: KRW 38,000
Sightseeing: KRW 150,000
Food: KRW 50,000
Shopping: KRW 100,000
Total: KRW 504,250 (Around RM 1,442.16)

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