Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Inspire Me About Korea

What really inspire me to go to Korea? I've been there two times already. What made me visited Korea for the second time even though I've been there before. This picture below will tell you the story.
WARNING: Long post. Read it till the end. Enjoy!!!!

Korean Food

Rotate Clockwise: Tteokbokki, Rice with Kimchi and Fried Egg, Sindang-dong Tteokbokki and Grilled Mackerel. The centre one is Sundubu Jigae.
All the food in Korea make you feel very hungry. But, as a Muslim, we cannot eat all the food. Only the permissible food like vegetarian food, seafood and Halal food. As you can see above, this is what I eat during my visit to Korea. To tell you the truth, the kimchi in Korea for me have different taste compare to Kimchi that I eat here in Malaysia. In Korea, a variety of kimchi we can eat and the taste really delicious. I eat lots of tteokbokki because this is the only food that easy to get. I also got a chance to eat Sindang-dong tteokbokki. The taste, yummy. I also went to Dongdaemun and Itaewon to eat Halal Kebab. I highly recommend that you go to Itaewon and eat at Mr. Kebab. When you happen to be on Nami Island, don't forget to eat their famous lunch box at Cafe Yeongajiga. The lunch box comes with rice, delicious kimchi and fried egg. I will explain the whole thing about what Muslim can eat in Korea later.More about Korean food here

Historical Building and Palace

This place must go place when you are in Korea. The palaces have a very beautiful architecture, very traditional look. There are five Grand Palace in Korea. But, I only managed to go to three palaces, Gyeongbukgung, Changeonggung and Chandeokgung Palace. Every palace have their own specialty. Even though the palace looks like the same, but it has a different. I was following the English tour and I actually gained lots of information about the palace. I recommend to follow the English tour because the tour guide will explain about each main building in the palace.

 Beautiful Nature View in Different Season

Same location but one taken on May and another one in March. The tree with leaves and the tree without leaves. Both very beautiful.
Beautiful spring flower in May 2011
Snow in March. It suppose to be spring season but I still have chance to play with snow at Seoraksan. Snow also falling when I was at Nami Island and Petite France.
As everyone knows, there are four season in Korea. For me, it is like my dream to be in Korea in different season. I already visited Korea in spring and end of winter season. My next goal is autumn season. This four season is one of the most important things that inspire me to visit Korea again and again. I want to experience the four season in Korea. Beautiful spring flower, cold and white winter, autumn foliage and also hot summer. More about Nami Island and Petite France here. More story about Sokcho and Seorak-san here

Korean Welcoming Me to Korea

Local people that I met in Korea. All of them very kind and friendly.
Korean very warm greeting whenever I enter their shop, smile at me and try to help even though there are not good in English make me feel very happy. They always try to help me whenever I lost and try to give direction even they can't speak English. I was very thankful to them. I always feel secure even if I went back to my hostel late night. Most of the older people there will look at me and smile warmly to me. Some of them will praise me beautiful. All of this really made my day. 

Korean Cosmetic and Fashion

As a girl, the thing that I interested to buy in Korea is Korean cosmetic product. All of this product high quality and cheap. I bought a lot of lip balm and hand lotion which is cheaper compare to Malaysia.

My favourite shop.SPAO. I bought my t shirt here.

Shinee Star Lip Balm Collection

BB Cream, Soothing Gel and Lip Balm again.

I Am Hallyu Star Lover

Yes, I am a big fan of Korean artist especially Super Junior. One of my reason to visit Korea because of Super Junior. I also went to the musical during my visit to Korea. Read it here
Super Junior 예성. I really like him.ᄏᄏᄏ

At Kona Beans

At Handel & Gretel

Met Ryewook and Sungmin at Sukira Kiss the Radio in KBS Building

Met them for the 2nd time.

Watched Musical Catch Me if You Can. I like Kyuhyun's voice. Melt my heart.

 Musical Catch Me if You Can. Curtain calling.

Anybody like EXO? I met them in front of SM Building.

With Kyuhyun's father

With Sungmin's mother and grandmother. Both of them look very young.
Korean Traditional Culture & Performance

When I was in Korean Folk Village, I got a chance to watched their traditional performance. I even play some traditional games there. More about Korean Folk Village here
Having so much fun playing some Korean traditional games and also an ahjuhssi show us how to make..errrr... i don't know what it is^^
Traditional performance: Folk dance, Tight rope dance, Horse performance and Traditional Wedding performance
Actually, there are many things inspire me to go to Korea. This only part of it. I will write a lot of my experience in Korea later. Enjoy reading my blog because initially I created this blog to share my experience about my journey to Korea. I want to help the independent traveller with low budget to enjoy their trip to Korea. Korea is a perfect destination for young traveller because its affordable, beautiful and this place really suitable for those who really like Korean artist like me. For those who want to ask anything about independent travelling to Korea, feel free to ask me.

Why I should be the winner....
I think, I am the best candidate to be the winner of Touch Korea Tour Blog Contest since I am the most passionate person to travelling to Korea over and over again. I really want to get a chance to visit Korea again, the place that I really love to go. I also want to hang out with 2PM and Miss A even though I already met them in person (because I went to their concert^^). I also hope this opportunity will give me a lots of idea to blog more about Korea. At the same time, I will get the opportunity to promote Korea to all my friends, family or anybody who interested in visiting Korea.
Finally, I really hope to be the luckiest girl in the world who get the opportunity to visit Korea.


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