Thursday, 26 April 2012

Catch Me If You Can: Review

The musical took place in Blue Square. I arrived around 15 to 20 minutes before the musical started.  First thing I did was to claimed my tickets from the ticket booth. After that, I went straight to the theatre after took some pictures outside the building. Luckily, I met Kyuhyun father and rode the same elevator with him. I also took the opportunity to took picture with him.

With Kyuhyun father
Lets talk about the musical. The duration for this musical is 140 minutes including the intermission. The story is all about the Frank Abaignaille Jr. The story about himself, who has disguised himself as a teacher in his transferred school for a week, runs away from home after his parents divorce and begins using his talent to deceive people. By impersonating as a reporter, he found a loophole in Airline. Disguised as a pilot, he free rides on all the air routes and forge company checks to withdraw 14 million dollars.
 But FBIs best agent with 21 years of experience Carl Hanratty chases after Frank and after long pursuit, he finally catch frank at the hotel room but Frank pose himself as an agent and walks away with his fake checks. Carl finally finds Franks family and gets shocked to find out Frank is only a student. Will Carl ever be able to catch Frank?(summary taken from the website of Catch Me if You Can the musical)
 He also impersonating as a doctor and meet Brenda and fall in love with her. Brenda takes him to her house to introduce him to her family. Suddenly the FBI agent find him and try to arrest him. But he manage to run away. But at the end of this story, he turn himself in.
 The overall musical was very entertaining. I really enjoy myself. Even though I can't understand any single words (for Japanese, no worry because they have subtitle in Japanese on both side of stage), but I love to hear Kyuhyun lovely voice. My favourite part is when he sing with Brenda on the bed. His lovely voice make me fall in love with him.
For those who watch the musical for the 1st time, there are intermission during the musical. At first I thought the musical already ended when people start to go out but some remained on their seat. Luckily I just stayed at my seat and not to go out and went back to my hostel. Silly me^^.

How to go to Blue Square

-By Subway Take the underground passage in between exit no. 2 and 3 at Hangangjin Station, Line no. 6. When you go out, you will see the building but this musical is not in the building. You need to turn right and go down. You will see the large banner of the musical. 

The pictures below taken from the musical. (Attention: Camera is not allowed. But my friend manage to take some picture)

Most of the pictures taken by Kak Hafsa. Thanks kak for your wonderful pictures.

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