Sunday, 8 April 2012

Korea Be Inspired

This is my first post regarding my last week trip to Korea. I was there for  about 10 days. But the 1st day, I arrived at Incheon airport at 0955 pm local time on 22nd March 2012 and my flight back to Malaysia was on 31st March 2012, 0850 am in the morning. So, i have 8 full days in Korea.
Be in Korea, just like dream come true. The only country that I really wish to go again and again. Even though I already visit Korea last year, but I really want to go again. I don't know why I really like Korea so much. I don't really have a reason. But, maybe because I like Korean boy band, Korean drama, Korean itself and also because Korea scenic nature view.
How I spend my time in Korea last week? This was the place I went during my visit.

Nami Island

Petite France



Hangang River

Korean Folk Village

Palace (Changeonggung, Geongbukgung, Chandeokgung)

Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsan Tower

Bukchon Hanok Village

Cheongyeongchun Stream

Gwanghwamun Plaza

Because of I'm a big fan of Super Junior, this place is the must place to go

Sukira Kiss The Radio Station

SM Building

SPAO Alel & EverySing

Handel & Gretel (Yesung's parents coffee shop)

Kona Beans (Sungmin, Eetuk and Kyuhyun parents coffee shop)

WhyStyle (Yesung's parents eye wear shop)

K Story (Heechul's noona kpop sourvenir and chicken shop)


  1. mushi.. mushi...
    Pojah san..., i'm not korean but i'm japanesan... wakakakakaa.... ni haw ma.. (eh ter'chinese plak) hihihihiiii....
    wah sonot nyer beronok2 kat korea ekk... tak per2.. peh ni jadi tourist guide akk plak ek... akk nak p nami island, nak p sana nak p sini.. pojah kena la bawak.. jgn lupa sediakan transport skali taw.. kekekekee... wokeh.. anyway.. really enjoy to c ur tour... luv da pic n da atmospare... hik3...
    apa yg penting
    KITA ENJOY........... hihihihiiiiiii
    arigatoooooo.... (japan balik) walah........ :)

  2. ahaksss.transport guna public transport eh.harap maklummmm^^