Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Variety Food in Korea

Kimchi, Tteokbokki, Kimbap and many others well known Korean food. When I was in Korea, I really want to try all this food. Besides eating only can food or instant noodle, I also tried some Korean food. But, since I am a Muslim, I can't eat food with meat, chicken or pork. I need to choose my food carefully. I only eat food from seafood, vegeterian food and I also try Halal Muslim Kebab at Itaewon and also Dongdaemun. I lost 1KG here.Hahahahaha.

Famous Street Food

Yummy tteokbokki
This is the easiest food to find for me. I eat this a lot. Simple but really fill my empty stomach. 1 serving for KRW 2,500.

Sindang Tteokkbokki

I made a research about Sindang tteokbokki before I came to Korea. Very delicious food. It have rice cake, ramyun, egg, empty mandu, fish cake and also variety of vegetables cooked in spicy sauce. I forgot how much it is cost. Maybe around KRW 3,500 per serving.

How to go to Sindang Tteokbokki:
Take a subway to Sindang station, exit 8. Turn right at the first corner and walk straight until you can see the huge sign Sindang Tteokbokki. I eat at the first shop. You can see a huge picture of halmuni.

Fast Food

Shrimp burger
I ate shrimp burger twice at Lotteria. One in Dongdaemun and another one in Myeondong. The taste of the burger is delicious. The burger patty have a big shrimp and very delicious especially for hungry people like me. hehehe...

Saengseong-gui Alley

고등어 백반 (Mackerel Fish with Rice)
Clean plate again..errr...not very clean, right?
 How to go:
Take subway line 4 to Dongdaemun Station and go out of exit 9. Walk until you can see the IBK bank on your left and take a left after IBK bank. Walk for about 30 meters and take a right into the food alley.
I ate grilled mackerel and the portion was very big. I ended up ate the fish and left the rice. The taste quite similar to "Ikan Bakar" here but without "air asam". They eat it with soy sauce and wasabi. The price for one person is KRW 6,000.
Bab Restaurant

Can you see how much banchan (side dish) they give us. But not too worry. All of this in a very small portion.
Four of us really like this dried anchovy
Sundubu Jjigae. It have soft tofu and egg boiled in spicy soup
 My hostel close to Bab restaurant. The restaurant is around Hongdae area. The location is next to Hongdae playground. I went to the restaurant with my friends after having a very good time at Korean Folk Village, Yongjin. One of the waitress there served us. She can't speak English but we managed to communicate. I asked her about the menu since it was written in Hangul and I don't want any food with meat. So, she suggested Sundubu Jjigae, Dwenjang Jjigae and Bibimbap. Two of my friends and I choose to eat Sundubu Jjigae and my Singaporean friend eat Bibimbap. The price for Sundubu Jjigae is KRW 7,000 and Bibimbap also the same price.


  1. Yummy.... nampak sedap tp xpernah rasa lagi.. lici bersih skali makan ek.. mesti sedap nih... so xmo wat tuk bagi kitaorg rasa ker.. heheheee

  2. nampak lazat sy xpandai la nk buat sendiri

  3. mmg la lazat... sebab tu soh buatkan.. bukan ari tu de buat ker.. nak skittttttttt.......

  4. Boleh tumpang tanya Bab resutaurant ada jual daging atau ayam?