Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm Back to Malaysia

Yup. I'm already in Malaysia. 10 days in Seoul, make me don't want to go back home. I miss my hostel in Korea. I hope i will, someday, return to Korea, cover the place that I not go yet. To be in Korea, just like my dream come true. 
Starting from now, I will updating my blog, put more info about my trip and hopefully will help others to travel to Korea without taking any tour. 
Can I put another wish this year? Hahahaha. I'm very interested in WWOOFing. This WWOOFing thing is about going to help in organic farm. So, I need to save more money, and also save my annual leave. Yup, i will try my best to make my dream come true. Everything I do will start from dreaming about it. Because I am Mahfuzah.

1 comment:

  1. hehehee... welcome back... so hows da feeling... back to work... find more money ... don't take leave.... n will end with 30days in korea... hihihihiiiii... try hard.. hard.. hard.. hard...