Wednesday, 23 November 2011


111122, 생일축하합니다, kak long. Happy 24th birthday. Hope you will always happy with your friends and family^^Love you so much.
Special birthday wish to kak long^^Memory in Nami Island. Hope to be there together again.

Birthday present for her. Bought this cute doll at cm3 shop at Berjaya Times Square. Check out their cute items sell at the 

 Okay, for the dinner today, I made 떡볶이 (tteokbokki), rice cake in spicy sauce.
떡볶이 sauce. Ready made.

떡. Ready made also

Carrot, cabbage & fish cake.
How to cook super delicious spicy rice cake^^

Clean the rice cake about 300 gram.
Cut the carrot and fish cake.
Cut the cabbage.
Put 1 cup of water. Put the rice cake till the water boiling. Then, put the tteokbokki sauce. Stir it. Lastly, put the fish cake, carrot and cabbage. Stir it until it well cook.
Finish product, super yummy tteokbokki.


  1. bawak la kt opis jgkk..akk nk rasa ttokbokki pooja masak tue..:)

  2. Nanti sy bawak yer.sos dia dah xder dah.huhu