Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nami Island-I'm In Love

How to go to Nami Island

Many ways, but we choose to take a tour bus at Tapgol Park. Departure at 09.30am from Pagoda Park / Tapgol Park at Insadong. Departure at 04.00pm from Nami Island (parking lot at ticket office). To go to Tapgol Park, get off at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station line 1, 3,5 and exit at Exit #1. Then walk 5 minutes toward Jonggak until you reach Tapgol Park. Actually, we lost our way. But fortunately, we met an ahjussi who is really kind to show us the way. He couldn't speak English but I manage to communicate with him by sign language. So, people, not to worry too much about language barrier. Plus Korean really helpful eventhough they can't speak English.

Tour bus from Insadong/Tapgol Park to Nami Island. Round trip inclusive admission ticket KRW 21,000.
Tapgol Park

Chit chatting while waiting for the bus to move. Be there early or else you can't get seat.

In front of Nami Island wharf

Boarding the bot.

Halal food in Nami Island. Drama Cafe

Shake it before we eat^^

Rice with fried egg and kimchi.

Clean plate. Hungry Kak long.hehehe

Lunch box we eat above cost KRW 4,000

Suitable for couple day trip. Very romantic island with beautiful view.

Counting money. Artis Korea ni very rich maaa.

Before we leave the place. Goodbye Nami Island. Definitely will come back again

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  1. walah... nak p jugak.. nak jugak.. nak jugak... pergghhh xsabo asenyer.... pon pon... i'm coming............