Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shinhwa : The Return

One month after the concert. I just get a motivation to write this story.
I was like having a very nice dream ever. I finally met them. I met Shinhwa live. Oh my god....Yes. I scream like crazy fan girl. I dunno why I never realize about them before. The concert...speechless. All of us like.....wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.Daebak. Most of the song sang by them live. And they really made my day. I love all of them. Their voice..the best ever. And the fact that none of my friends want to admit it, Andy actually made eye contact with me. Who cares if they said I'm just imagine it by myself. I'm the one who look straight to his eyes, and he look straight to my eyes also. Hahahaha. See. I'm now become crazy fangirl.
Okay. Stop it right now. I tell you about the concert now. 4 of us safely arrived at Compass Ballroom, Resort World Sentosa at 230 pm after performed our prayer and lunch. Not many fans already queuing up at rock pitt pen A section. So, we just seat there while waiting to redeem the tickets. 
After collecting my tickets, we waited for a while before we can entered the ballroom. The door opened around 630 pm. We straight away choose the best spot to watch the concert. The concert start at 715pm. The opening song really made me feel, this concert going to be awesome. The first song they sang, T.O.P. My favorite song among all the song they sang that night is On the Road.
I don't want to write long long story here. Just enjoy pictures below.

Ready to depart to Singapore
I'm not a Shinhwa Chanjo, but pretend to be one of them^^

 After the concert, we went to Changi Airport because we didn't made any hotel reservation. That night, we slept at the airport. Kak Fatimah really enjoy sleeping at the airport. She's the only one who sleep really well that night^^. All and all, I will definitely go to Shinhwa concert again.

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