Sunday, 13 May 2012

Jay Park Showcase @KL Live

Before the showcase:
Saw advertisement in Digi webpage. Jay Park will coming to Malaysia.
Tried to get the tickets. Managed to get it by the help of friend.

During the showcase
Awesome showcase I can say. His music, his dance, his voice and the song really suit my taste. Funky and catchy. Fast and catchy song always be my favourite. Jay Park himself, I can say he is a bit short but muscular man. I love the way he move his body following the music.

After the showcase
I regret not buy his cd. I just know we can get his autograph if we buy the cd. But only the limited person who get the autograph pass. I will start to search his songs since I really love "Know Your Name" and "Girlfriend".

I'm not a big fan of Jay Park or a "Jay Walker". But after the showcase, I love his song so much. I just wanna to see him because I love his voice in "Immortal Song". Now, he is one of my favourite K-Pop artist. 

The one and only picture I took. The security was freaking crazy. Plus I don't really have time to take a picture. I just want to enjoy the showcase rather than busy with my camera

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