Tuesday, 13 December 2011

100 Days

Another 100 days to go. My feeling right now, nervous, excited...hurmmm. Dunno how to describe my feeling. 
This is what I've done:
Flight ticket, check.
Guest house (Ann Guesthouse), check.
Itinerary, not done yet but will work it out. Still have time to plan where to go. But already have some idea.
Actually, a place that I really want to go is Handel and Gretel, Yesungie oppa cafe. Hope to see him at the cafe. Errrr, fangirling mode.hohohoho.
Then, I really want to go to Seoraksan.Hohohoho.Alone.Hurmmmmm....maybe yes, or maybe no.
Going there in March, dunno whether I need extra jacket or not. I can't stand coldness.Huhuhu. Maybe I should buy long john just in case the temperature is cold.
Travelling alone might be challenging for myself because this is my first time to travel alone but my second time to go to Korea. Hopefully everything going well and I can enjoy my 10 days trip there. Aja2 hwaiting!!!!

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